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The West Wing

Go back to the beginning and stream all 7 seasons of this gripping political drama! US President Jed Bartlet and his staff in the West Wing of the White House struggle to balance their personal lives with the responsibilities of running a country.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    PG The senior members of the White House staff are summoned to the office early in the morning to handle a number of difficult situations.

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      PG Josh is surprised when Leo is criticised as Santos' running mate. Meanwhile, the White House Counsel discusses a leak investigation with C.J.

      PG A grand jury investigates a White House military leak. The campaign's focus changes to national security. Vinick handles the issue while Santos aligns himself with Bartlet.

      PG Vinick undermines Santos by targeting immigration issues - a topic Santos had previously avoided. A National Security Agency agent briefs Vinick about a situation in Kazakhstan.

      PG C.J. is forced to run the office almost by herself. Trouble occurs in the Middle East, threatening Bartlet's peace plan.

      PG Toby decides that he needs to retain counsel. Josh realises that the Santos campaign workers are inexperienced and makes some tough decisions.

      PG A third-party attack on Santos brings unwanted attention to both his and Vinick's stance on abortion. Meanwhile, Will gets a promotion.

      PG In an episode originally broadcast live, the candidates engage in a tension-packed debate.

      PG Santos visits a Los Angeles African-American family whose child was shot by a Latino police officer. Meanwhile, C.J. manages a crisis between China and Kazakhstan.

      PG On the eve of Ellie's White House wedding, a military situation in Central Asia takes Bartlet away from the rehearsal.

      PG Leo struggles through debate practice and makes Josh and Lou extremely nervous. Meanwhile, Santos gets a brief respite from the campaign trail to see his family.

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