1. Last season, the squad were scattered...

If you’re having trouble remembering where all of the characters ended up last season, we’ll forgive you. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the four main communities. 

The Hilltop: Maggie and Paul (aka Jesus) were running this ship, after Greg the cowardly (and kinda creepy) leader was overthrown. 

The Kingdom: Lorded over by King Ezekiel and his tiger (as if we could forget the tiger), this is where Carol and Morgan were laying low. Ezekiel wanted to remain neutral, but his guests eventually convinced him to join Rick’s cause. 

Alexandria: The original safe-zone of our heroes. Alexandria has survived multiple zombie attacks and terrorism from other enemy groups. At the moment, Rick's there raising an army, alongside the leaders of the other communities (aka Maggie and Ezekiel). 

The Sanctuary: Home to the Saviors, aka Negan’s lackeys. This place is probably the most secure in terms of surviving zombie attacks.

BUT with a coup on the horizon, and Rick and the other allies raring for a fight, nobody inside the walls of The Sanctuary is safe.

Rick and Negan clashed from the start.

2. Now we're walking into a war...

Literally. In the comics, this part of the story is titled “All Out War.” 

It’s the moment where Rick and the others join forces to take on the evil dictator, Negan. 

One thing’s for sure though, Negan won’t go down without a fight. 

There’ll be some surprises too, considering the show has never been a word-for-word adaptation of the books. 

Negan will fight back.

3. BUT Negan might be weaker than he appears...

This season, we’re hoping to get a glimpse into Negan’s past.  

Behind his tough-guy image, Negan is just another man, broken down by the apocalypse. 

The cracks are starting to show. 

He controls people with fear, not loyalty. So as soon his Saviors see that he’s not unbeatable, they might just turn their backs on him...

4. Victory might come at a price though...

It wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without a few gory deaths along the way.

The chances of surviving 16 episodes with all the alliances intact are pretty slim.

We just hope that our favourites will stay safe, we’re still recovering from last season. 

Fan favourite and all-round badass, Carol.

5. The first episode is titled 'Mercy'... 

We're not sure which side will be begging for it. 

The official synopsis gives nothing away. It only confirms what we already know, that Rick and his allies are bringing the fight to Negan. 

Fun fact: The season 8 premiere is also the 100th episode of the series. 

6. Two new characters are joining the ranks...

This season, the show’s getting some new blood. 

One new character is called Dillon; he’s been widely described as sexy and sarcastic (winning combo). 

The other is Abbud, a Muslim-American who’s been flying solo since the apocalypse broke out. He's a bit of an introvert, twitchy but likeable. 

Could make for a rather interesting dynamic, we're just hoping they pick the right side. 

7. There's a crossover on the horizon...

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the show’s writers have eluded to a crossover with Fear the Walking Dead.

Some major hints were dropped this year at New York Comic-Con.

Fans are hoping that one of the dead TWD characters might appear, to share their backstory in the prequel series. 

Stay tuned for more updates.