Onscreen father and son, Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs.

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead centred on the death of long-standing character, Carl.

Actor Chandler Riggs has grown up on the show, joining the cast in Season 1 when he was just 10 years old. 

Now 18, Riggs has made peace with his character’s demise, agreeing that it was the best thing for his career and for the story.  

However, it's been an emotional time for the Walking Dead family.

Andrew Lincoln, Riggs’ onscreen father, described Carl’s exit as “really unbearable.” 

“Chandler has been spectacular in all areas, pretty much the whole time I’ve known him,” Lincoln said. 

Norman Reedus, (Daryl) was also pretty unhappy about Carl’s fate. “Chandler is a family member to me. I always thought he would be the last man standing.” 

“I’m still in shock about it,” said Lauren Cohan (Maggie). 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), was a fan of Carl before recently joining the cast. “A fan that loved watching you grow up.” The Carl-Rick dynamic was one of the reasons Morgan wanted to be involved in the show.

“You held all of our hearts. You’ve grown into an amazing young man and a powerful actor. The world is your oyster, and we all get to sit back and watch you kill it,” said Morgan by way of farewell.  

Although shooting the last scene wasn’t easy for the young actor, Riggs was happy with the exit storyline. He describes Carl’s final moments as “inspiring and empowering.”

 “I think bittersweet is a good way to describe it,” he says of the whole experience.