The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes.

It's the moment fans have been anticipating (and dreading) for months. 

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Stream the Walking Dead mid-season premiere right here.

Last year’s mid-season finale ended with Carl Grimes revealing that he’d been bitten… essentially sealing his fate.

Last night’s premiere episode confirms our worst fears.

The knowledge that there’s no cure doesn’t make it any easier. 

An original character since Season 1, Carl has grown up on the show.

In his final hours, the young man is calm, wise and heartbreakingly optimistic.

He shares a tender moment with his little sister, Judith. He gives her their father’s iconic hat, saying that it always gave him strength. "I didn't beat this world, but you will." 

He tells Michonne not to hold onto her grief, to remember the good times and not be sad or angry. 

But he saves his most important advice for his father. He shares his vision of a peaceful future, one where Alexandria is rebuilt and everyone lives in harmony.

Rick responds through his tears, promising to make Carl’s inspiring vision a reality. “Everything I did it was for you. It still is, nothing’s going to change that.”  

 Taking his destiny into his own hands, Carl takes out his gun and leaves the dark world behind.

Rest in peace, Carl. 

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