Nicole Walker as Hannah Sterne (nee Defoe).

Here’s why we think you’ll love it. 

It’s different, but it’s familiar.

The show is set amid a fast-paced, high-profile London lifestyle, unfamiliar territory for many New Zealanders. However, the family dynamic, and day to day struggles are easily relatable. 

You won’t trip over the legal speak. 

It’s mostly about the people, not the nitty-gritty of divorce law. “The legal stuff is important, but it’s really a drama about personal choices and how our attitudes towards love and relationships change,” says show writer Abi Morgan. 

You’ll feel like you’re adopting a family.

If you’ve grown up with sisters, you’ll empathise, and if you haven’t, this will make you wish you did. You’ll feel attached to all the characters, almost instantly. 

It centres on four strong women.

Several different stories, all interwoven, all with their own motives and personalities. It makes for a fascinating narrative. Written, produced and directed by women, the script was born out of personal experience and emotional hardships, it’s genuine and it shines through. 

The Defoe women.

It sheds a light on a topic that’s often awkward. 

Nobody really likes to bring up divorce at a casual friendly dinner. People sympathise and gossip, but so many couples go through it, and so many others will never fully understand it. This show however, adresses it head on.

It might make you grateful. 

Whether for your own healthy relationships, or for the fact that you’re totally killing it and you’re okay on your own. 

It's a drama, but you'll find yourself smiling. 

There are some delightful moments - to warm even the stoniest of hearts. 

There will be more seasons to come. 

The Defoes aren’t done with us yet, it’s already been renewed for another ten episodes next year. Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer is thrilled that we get to continue to explore their lives.

 “It’s bold, modern and original, and quite unlike anything else on our screens,” says Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama. “We are delighted that it’s returning." 

You can stream all of Season 1 right now on TVNZ OnDemand.