Divorce lawyers and sisters Nina and Hannah

Divorce law is in the blood of the Defoe family. Formidable matriarch Ruth built the family firm from the ground up, with two of her three daughters, Hannah and Nina, by her side.

But working with family is never easy. Hannah, a brilliant lawyer in her own right, left her mother and sister behind after an argument and now works at a rival firm.

She has a tense, competitive relationship with her family, which only gets worse when they find themselves on opposite sides of a case.

Things become even more complicated when Ruth’s husband returns after walking out on her and the girls 30 years earlier.

Written by Abi Morgan, who also penned British drama series The Hour, The Split takes a look at the fast-paced world of divorce law in London through the eyes of four strong and very different women.

Divorce might be their focus but it’s really love, marriage and family that are at the heart of this drama.

Nicola Walker, who plays eldest sister Hannah, told Good Housekeeping UK we “meet her and that family at a really explosive time.”

Hannah's husband Nathan with Nina

Hannah is married to Nathan, another lawyer played by Episodes star Stephen Mangan. But her new job has brought her back in contact with an old flame. 

“I feel lucky to be part of this, because there’s such a smart creative team at the head of it. And they’re all women, which is great,” Stephen told Digital Spy

Stephen is talking about the show’s writer Abi Morgan, director Jess Hobbs and executive producer Jane Featherstone.

“At its heart, this is a show that was born out of a group of women sitting together, sharing our stories and our lives,” Abi told the Guardian, adding she also spoke to real-life female divorce lawyers.

“From those conversations came this show. And despite everything, it’s a story about hope.”

The full season of The Split will be available to stream on Friday 22 June at midday.