The Shield

The Shield

Go back to the beginning of this critically-acclaimed drama series about an effective but corrupt L.A. cop who operates under his own set of rules. Starring Michael Chiklis.

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The Shield
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Pilot

    16C A politically ambitious LAPD captain comes up against a streetwise detective who isn't above bending the rules in his effort to fight crime as he enriches himself and his men.

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      • Coefficient of Drag

      16C Vic looks to save his job by blackmailing a local real estate baron as he engineers a turf war between the Mexican and Armenian crime gangs.

      • Snitch

      16C Homeland Security's investigation into an alleged connection between Al Qaeda and a local gang threatens to interfere with Vic's plans to spark a war between the Mexicans and the Armenians.

      • Money Shot

      16C As Dutch and Danny investigate a suspicious kidnapping, Vic still refuses to renew his trust in Shane as they look to use some stolen intelligence files to bring down Pezuela, Rezian, and their criminal organisations.

      • Genocide

      16C The assassination of a city official undermines Vic's plan to fuel a war that will bring down both the Mexican and Armenian gangs.

      • Game Face

      16C As Vic and Aceveda work to conceal their complicity in the murder of the City Controller, a serial killer's trial threatens to expose the truth about Claudette's failing health.

      • Animal Control

      16C After buying some time to continue his pursuit of Pezuela, Vic hatches a deadly plan to eliminate the Armenian mob and finally avenge Lem's murder.

      • B****es Brew

      16C As Shane looks to end the threat after realising that he was marked for death by Vic, Dutch questions a greedy ex-cop about a series of burglaries in Claudette's neighbourhood.

      • Parricide

      16C As Shane and his family are forced to run following his failed attempt to kill his former partners, Vic looks to parlay his connection to Pezuela into a job with a federal task force that is investigating the drug cartels.

      • Moving Day

      16C As Shane and Mara stay one step ahead of Vic and the police, Aceveda cooperates with Pezuela to help the feds, while Dutch manipulates Rita Denton in his investigation of her teenage son, Lloyd.

      • Party Line

      16C As he puts a price on Shane's head, Vic is asked to prove his loyalty to Beltran by killing Pezuela.

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