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The Secret World of Benjamin Bear

When we close our eyes at night or turn our backs in the day, teddy bears come alive… and lead secret lives full of amazing adventures!

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    Season 4, Episode 13

    G Series Final. Trixie bear is fed up at constantly being fetched in exchange for treats and dreams of having her kid Mikey all to herself. She wishes the slobbery family dog was no longer around but when Champ suddenly becomes unwell, she realises how much she cares about him.

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      G When all of Ben's friends go out of their way to avoid him, he feels left out of the Secret World community... only to discover they've been busy planning a special celebration in his honour!

      G Ben has to stop Sebastian from blowing their cover by leading the suspicious Mr. Bigglebore to their favourite Secret World hangout.

      G When Ben and his best friend Ruby argue over what colour should be their favourite, their friendship is put to the test. They learn that compromising is more important than getting their own way.

      G Ben and Howie decide to help Freddy overcome his fear of snow.

      G When Ben discovers the General is afraid of water he must help the strong willed teddy overcome his fears. It takes a lot of teamwork but the General finally comes to grips with his phobia just in time to do right thing.

      G Ben tells hyperactive Gonzo bear to radically change his ways and slow down. Soon his spirit is gone - until Ben finds a way to allow Gonzo to be true to himself and still get along with others.

      G Howie and Holly go too far with their tickling gag and Ben has to help them realise what it's like to stand in the shoes of others.

      G Ben finds out that Happy bear has hit a roadblock in his teddy training and must help him discover he doesn't need be afraid to be played with by his boisterous kid.

      G Ben has to help new arrival Cory bear teach a lesson to Sebastian about respecting the property of others.

      G Ben has a lot of skills, but he can't whistle. When he tries to learn, he is upset by the mockery of Sebastian until his whistle becomes the key to preserving the Secret World!

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