Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins

1. It will change the way you think about hospitals.

It’s almost like an exposé, into a profession that so few of us will experience in real life.

The Resident will take you down the corridor, behind the curtain, into the operating room.

2. There are some losses, and some wins. 

We're aware that every story can’t have a fairy tale ending.

So be warned, there will be death. But not so much that you'll lose faith in medical professionals either. 

3. It will get you in the feels.

There’s lighthearted humour scattered amid the drama.

And in every episode, there’ll be someone or something that touches your heart.

You might try to fight it, but you WILL get attached. 

4. There are a lot of big egos.

These characters are the best in their respective fields, and they didn’t get there by playing nice.

They’re arrogant and unforgiving, but ultimately they want to help people, and (most of them) you will love despite their self-importance.

Particularly the slightly unorthodox Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry), who isn’t afraid to break the rules. 

5. It’s a drama, but it’s about the medicine too.

It’s not all just interns hooking up in the supply closet (although there’s a healthy dose of that as well).

Mostly it’s about the medical profession, the business side of running a hospital. And of course the doctors and nurses, the decisions they make for their patients and their careers. 

6. It’s not all mass hysteria.

Hospital storylines are often disastrous (obviously) - large-scale disasters, multiple fatalities, 1 in a million-type illnesses.

And we’re not saying that stuff never happens in real life, we’re just saying the patients in The Resident are a little more relatable.

Most of the time they’re just everyday people who unfortunately find themselves in hospital. 

7. But it still has the shock factor.

Bet you’ve never seen someone’s toe fall off from irreversible gangrene? Or watched a heart beat inside an open ribcage?

Be prepared to cover your eyes every now and then. 

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