On August 5, The O.C. celebrated exactly 15 years since its first ever episode aired.

So that's 15 years since we heard Phantom Planet's 'California' blaring out of the TV at us at a high volume and we knew we were in love. 

With all 4 seasons about to land on TVNZ OnDemand, there is no better time to reminisce about what made The O.C. one of the best teen dramas ever made.

1. The premise was simple but brilliant

A kid from the wrong side of the tracks is taken in by the wealthy but kind-hearted Cohen family. So ensues all the love, heartbreak and long soulful glances that you can handle.

2. It made geek culture cool way before The Big Bang Theory

Sure, Sheldon Cooper might be the ultimate geek now, but Seth Cohen was one of the first characters to make it look cool. He loved comic books and the Marvel and DC universes long before they became huge movie franchises.

3. The characters weren’t just high school stereotypes

The popular girl wasn’t your typical mean girl – Summer was hilarious and intelligent. She was multi-layered and showed a truly vulnerable side when she fell for Seth.

4. The soundtrack was amazing

Who didn’t watch the beginning credits just so they could sing along to California at the top of their lungs? Don’t even pretend you didn’t. Plus, the CD soundtracks were on constant rotation in our discmans. 

5. It was the perfect mix of serious and soapy

The O.C. nailed the balance between its serious issues, like teen alcoholism, and all its soapy goodness. We’re looking at you Julie Cooper!

6. It did slow-burn love storylines like no other show 

Would Seth and Summer ever get together? Were Ryan and Marissa made for each other? We were hooked. It also took big romantic gestures to a new level.

7. It was a lesson in friendship

The most important love story of all was arguably Seth and Ryan’s. When Ryan walked into Seth’s life it was never going to be smooth sailing. But their bonding moments were some of the best scenes in the show. 

8. The adult storylines were just as good as the teen's

Unlike other teen dramas, the adults of The OC were just as interesting as their younger counterparts and created just as much drama. 

9. It had the best TV dad 

Sandy Cohen was the do-gooder dad we all wish we had. He cooked, he gave great advice, he had incredibly expressive eyebrows – what’s not to love?

10. Then there was Seth

Seth Cohen was (and still is) one of our favourite teen drama characters. He was unashamedly a geek, invented his own holiday, Chrismukkah, loved his toy horse Captain Oats and he brought all the quippy one liners and pop culture references we needed. 

11. Plus it had a bad boy with a heart of gold

Ryan was from Chino (“Chino? Ew”) and showed up in Newport wearing a grey hoodie and a leather jacket and lighting up a cigarette. He had his bad boy moments, but ultimately he was a good kid who just needed someone to give him a break. Everyone loves an underdog.

12. It was so quotable

“Welcome to the OC, b***h”! That now famous line was uttered in episode one and it only got better from there. 

13. It’s not just for teens

Sure, we loved it as teenagers but it’s still just as good now. It’s aged like a vintage, first edition comic book.

So what will you be doing now all 4 seasons are available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand?