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The New Zealand Home

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  • The New Zealand Home Episodes

      • Friday 8 Jul 2016

      G New Series: Our First Home's Goran Paladin and award-winning architect Ken Crosson are from two different worlds, yet they're united on a quest to discover the quintessential New Zealand home.

      • Friday 15 Jul 2016

      G Goran's New Zealand Home education continues, as Ken leads Goran through the early 1900's. In a rush to be urbanized, cities boomed and housing standards rapidly deteriorated.

      • Friday 22 Jul 2016

      G Goran and Ken are in Napier. After the earthquake wiped the existing British architecture off the map, the boys see what happens when an entire city is rebuilt in one historical period.

      • Friday 29 Jul 2016

      G The 1950's saw a dreary housing monotony, and quite dissimilarly, some rebellious pioneer architects who began to play with exciting new building materials.

      • Friday 5 Aug 2016

      G Goran and Ken take on the weird and wonderful 70's homes. Our boys also discover what happens to kiwi architecture when colourful Polynesian design gets thrown in the mix.

      • Friday 12 Aug 2016

      G Goran and Ken investigate one of darkest eras in the history of New Zealand homes - leaky houses.

      • Friday 19 Aug 2016

      G Season Final: Ken and Goran come to the end of their journey and reflect on what they've learned about the New Zealand Home.