Josh Thomson as Pigsy


What was it like reuniting with Gerard Johnstone (co-creator of Terry Teo)?

Gerard is an old pal and I love working with him. Mainly because I need the money.

It pains me to say that he is an incredibly amazing talent and I trust his instincts absolutely. Apart from when he is wrong. Which is all the time.

Basically, if I look bad it’s Gerard's fault, but when I look good it’s 100% Thomson. 

Any funny behind the scenes stories?

One of the actresses dropped her phone in the portaloo. They dug it out. She had blueish liquid behind her screen for weeks.

I also broke 3 chairs during the shoot just by sitting on them. Crushed them. Two of them were metal. My character’s meant to be big so I guess it’s more of a design flaw on the chair's behalf. 

At least I didn’t drop my phone in the loo. Shame. 

What was the best and worst part of the shoot?

The Kung fu fights. After all the training and work with the amazing international stunt team I felt invincible and thought “Wow, I’m gonna look like a superhero.” Everyone else did. Yet somehow I still managed to look like a drunk toddler trying not to fall over. 

Who was the funniest on set?

Gerard was definitely the funniest. 

Also the guy who fished the phone out of the toilet. To be honest it’s a toss up between Gerard and Barry Blue Hand. 

Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka


What was it like working with Josh Mckenzie (Filthy Rich) and Jayden Daniels (Baby Mama’s Club) again? 

It was cool working with the boys again on The New Legends of Monkey.

I didn’t really work with Josh in Filthy so it was fun to have him play Davari, he’s such a talented actor.

Jayden plays the assigned Tripitaka and I go on to take his identity in the story, so it was cool we both had to get bald for the characters!

Both were crazy good with their stunts too! 

Any funny behind the scenes stories?

Chai (plays Monkey) once came up to me a day after we shot a long scene together and said, "they didn't like it." We had to pick up the scene again that day.

I looked at him with terror because I wiped away those lines in my head for the next day's lines! I pleaded, "can we run those lines quickly now?" and he got almost half way through the scene and cracked up laughing. Then I realised he was joking! He said he felt bad making me stress but whatever!

Literally every day there was something to laugh about.

What was the best and worst part of the shoot?

The best part about the shoot was the awesome people who worked on it. We were such a tight unit and the worst was (sounds cheesy) saying goodbye to everyone.

No joke I was a mess on the last day. As soon as I got in my make-up chair and looked at Susie our make-up artist, I lost it. You can imagine the rest of the day. 

Who was the funniest on set?

Josh Thompson always leaves me in stiches but when you put all four of us in a scene I'm dead.

Emilie (plays Sandy) is witty funny and Chai is dry funny. We couldn't even take our publicity photo together because we laughed too much, and I think they ended up using 4 individual photos for our poster!

The New Legends of Monkey starts Friday 20 April at 8pm on TVNZ 2.