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The Middle

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The Middle – Season 6, Episode 16

G Frankie fears that her innocent flirting with Axl's attractive friend has been misinterpreted.

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Season 6, Episode 16

      G Frankie makes a giant blunder when she discovers that school started a week earlier than she thought. Meanwhile, it looks like the 'Year of Sue' might be starting off on a high!

      G Frankie and Mike look for second jobs in order to afford a good college for Sue next year. Sue and Brad write, direct, and star in the senior play, entitled The Loneliest Locker.

      G Frankie and Mike are shocked when Brick announces that he wants to go to his school's fall dance. Axl has a week to declare his major but has no idea what it should be.

      G When Axl and Hutch decide to spruce up their place, Frankie gives them the Heck house dining room table. Meanwhile, Sue and Darrin hit a rough patch over a piece of jewellery.

      G Frankie and Mike are surprised when Brick invites a girl over to the house, while Sue tries to organize a screening of a holiday classic in a pumpkin patch.

      G The Heck house is thrown into turmoil when the kitchen sink caves in. Meanwhile, Sue must master a tricky dance routine; and Brick tries to distract Mike after breaking the lawn mower.

      G Frankie's idea that the family eat Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant doesn't go as planned when Sue feels that Mike doesn't like Darrin, and Brick invites his quirky girlfriend, Cindy.

      G Mike accompanies Sue on a college tour weekend. Meanwhile, Frankie leaves Brick with babysitters and a school project while she goes to watch Axl play in his first college football game.

      G An unappreciated Frankie loses her Christmas spirit and decides to do nothing but eat fudge and sit on the couch all day.

      G Frankie is elated when Pam Staggs - the most popular girl in high school who never gave Frankie a glance moves back to Orson and invites her to hang out. Guest starring Kirstie Alley.

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