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The Middle

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The Middle – Season 5, Episode 15

G Mike is forced to take a paid vacation, but can't relax with Brick around. Frankie discovers that Axl has been secretly staying with the Donahues over Spring Break.

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Season 5, Episode 15
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      G Against Axl's wishes, the whole family drives him to college to help him move into his dorm.

      G Without Axl there to make her life wretched, Sue's first day of school is liberating. Brick, on the other hand, is staying out of the bathroom at middle school.

      G Sue gets a job at the mall to buy herself a car; Axl begins to spend his nights at home to avoid his college roommate; and Frankie and Mike are called into Brick's principal's office.

      G The town of Orson celebrates its 100th Anniversary: Frankie and Mike drive a giant cow float in the parade and Axl and his friends restart Boss Co.

      PGR As Halloween approaches, Sue holds a seance with her Wrestlerettes; Axl is hazed by the football team and not allowed to his own party; and Brick tries to ask a girl to the dance.

      G Frankie finds solace in rescuing and taking in a lost dog; Sue actually makes the volleyball team; and Axl calls on Brick for help with his college academics classes.

      PGR Frankie's parents - along with some uninvited guests - show up for Thanksgiving dinner; while Axl tries to find the perfect time to tell his parents some bad news.

      G Frankie and Mike's romantic house-sitting weekend is jeopardised by the home's technical difficulties, and the bratty neighbourhood Glossner kids invade the Heck household.

      G Home from college, Axl would rather spend his Christmas vacation with his friends rather than his family; while Sue's allergic reaction to the Christmas tree threatens to ruin her holiday.

      G Frankie and Mike become concerned when Brick suddenly develops a host of irrational fears. Meanwhile, Sue is both disgusted and intrigued with the neighbourhood bully.

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