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The Middle

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The Middle – Season 5, Episode 11

PGR The ultimate prank battle is on between brother and sister when Sue discovers that Axl stole Orson High's Thundering Hens mascot head, forcing Sue to wear an embarrassing chicken head.

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Season 5, Episode 11
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      G Against Axl's wishes, the whole family drives him to college to help him move into his dorm.

      G Without Axl there to make her life wretched, Sue's first day of school is liberating. Brick, on the other hand, is staying out of the bathroom at middle school.

      G Sue gets a job at the mall to buy herself a car; Axl begins to spend his nights at home to avoid his college roommate; and Frankie and Mike are called into Brick's principal's office.

      G The town of Orson celebrates its 100th Anniversary: Frankie and Mike drive a giant cow float in the parade and Axl and his friends restart Boss Co.

      PGR As Halloween approaches, Sue holds a seance with her Wrestlerettes; Axl is hazed by the football team and not allowed to his own party; and Brick tries to ask a girl to the dance.

      G Frankie finds solace in rescuing and taking in a lost dog; Sue actually makes the volleyball team; and Axl calls on Brick for help with his college academics classes.

      PGR Frankie's parents - along with some uninvited guests - show up for Thanksgiving dinner; while Axl tries to find the perfect time to tell his parents some bad news.

      G Frankie and Mike's romantic house-sitting weekend is jeopardised by the home's technical difficulties, and the bratty neighbourhood Glossner kids invade the Heck household.

      G Home from college, Axl would rather spend his Christmas vacation with his friends rather than his family; while Sue's allergic reaction to the Christmas tree threatens to ruin her holiday.

      G Frankie and Mike become concerned when Brick suddenly develops a host of irrational fears. Meanwhile, Sue is both disgusted and intrigued with the neighbourhood bully.

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