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The Middle

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The Middle – Season 3, Episode 18

G Sue yearns to celebrate her leap year birthday in a big way, but given Frankie and Mike's track record with celebrations, she might need to lower her expectations.

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Season 3, Episode 18

      G Frankie insists the family take a few days of vacation before school starts. But Mike's suggestion of a camping trip brings back bad memories of their honeymoon camping trip.

      G Part two of two. Frankie and Mike take the family on a camping trip and revisit memories of their campsite honeymoon, ruined by one of Mike's friends. Guest starring Ray Romano.

      G Mike sets a meeting with Brick's new fourth-grade teacher, Mr Wilkerson, after learning that he's allowing his son to skip gym class. Guest starring Chord Overstreet.

      G Frankie demands major changes be made to every aspect of the Heck household - then flees to her mother's house - after she is humiliated by a family member's actions.

      G Frankie forces Axl to think about his future when she learns that he hasn't studied for the school exams, and a hopeful Sue tries out for cheerleading.

      G Frankie and Mike consider leaving home ownership behind and moving the family to an apartment when the Heck home begins to literally fall apart.

      G After a costume party fiasco, Sue desperately wants to be noticed by the guys and asks Mike for his advice, while Frankie takes Brick's social skills group trick or treating.

      G Convinced that their slacker son, Axl, will blow his interview with a football scout that might gain him a college scholarship, Frankie and Mike become far too controlling.

      G Frankie's conflicted when both she and Sue land roles in a community theatre production, but the director wants to keep Frankie and cut Sue.

      G The Hecks spend a not-so-relaxing Thanksgiving at Frankie's parents' house and sibling rivalry arises when Frankie and her sister don't see eye-to-eye on parenting techniques.

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