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The Legendaries

United once, united forever. Based on the original French comic book series, The Legendaries are a team of warriors who must relive their childhood to make amends for their adult mistakes.

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The Legendaries
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    Season 1, Episode 1

    G After the people of Alysia have all been reverted back to childhood, five heroes known as The Legendaries, reunite in an attempt to undo the spell and restore their adulthood.

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      G Series Final. When Danael bumps into his little cousin Rookie, she urges him to come to Tarask with her to compete in a sword-fighting tournament.

      G In Goldensands, a band of bold robbers have been busy stealing from the richest merchants in the kingdom. Unfortunately, all evidence seems to suggest that the Legendaires are responsible for the thefts!

      G The Felinors are a race of powerful, untameable felines that live in the heart of the Elf jungle. But their survival is being threatened by poachers who have found an ancient magic power that makes it possible to take these animals' extraordinary abilities and place them in lucky charms.

      G Prince Halan places a ring on Jadina's finger, just to taunt Danael! But the ring seems to have magic qualities. The Legendaires realise that they must find a way to get the ring off their friend's finger.

      G Something very mysterious is happening in the Elf Kingdom - the inhabitants are turning to stone! The Legendaires must travel to one of the most secret places in the Elf world to solve the problem.

      G Skroa, the Galina sorcerer, manages to steal Jadina's precious eagle-stick after blinding her with a powerful magic lightning bolt. The Legendaires must follow him and find out what he is up to!

      G The Legendaires have no choice but to team up with the great dark sorcerer to fight Libellia and cast a powerful spell that will cancel out her curse. But in doing so, they too are in danger of turning evil...

      G Our friends come across a Fondekall - an adult human! But this man is a slave to Ombos, a night demon, who is using him to look for a golden key, lost in a legendary pirate treasure that's nestling somewhere in a network of secret tunnels...

      G The Legendaires find an artefact that indicates the very location of the Crescia Stone!

      G Skroa the sorcerer has invented a magic spell that can give every single person in Alysia the mental age of a five-year-old!

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