Alexander Karim as Frank Nordling.

1. It’s the new wave of Nordic Noir. It’s a genre that continues to evolve and increase in popularity. You’re probably familiar with the dark, moody cinematography, and the flawed-hero storylines. The Lawyer is all of this, mixed with fast-paced action, unexpected thrills and nostalgic retro flashbacks.

2. The male lead is his own breed of intriguing.  Frank, (the successful Defence Attorney) appears capable and intelligent. He’s also suave, emotionally numb and strikingly mysterious. However, you immediately recognise the deep hurt that lives within him, the ever-present scars of his past. 

3. The female lead is intense, but brilliant. Sara, Frank’s sister, is resourceful and determined. She puts her brother in his place, fearless and strong in every sense of the word.  

4. It’s dripping with visual appeal. The backdrop is set against European privilege and wealth - superyachts, sports cars, waterfront properties. Yet majority of the characters are modest and humble.

5. You’ll witness the Swedish criminal underworld. See the darker sides of Malmö and Copenhagen. The story is fiction, but it’s a reflection of what’s actually goes on beneath the surface. The cold, heartless moguls that rule, and the cutthroat competition for power. 

Onscreen siblings, Frank and Sara.

6. It’s a story about revenge, and those who will do anything to get it. The characters are complex, but simple in their desire for vengeance. Therefore it’s packed with moral dilemmas, the heroes have a darker side, and nothing is black and white, 

7. It’s still internationally appealing.  Revenge aside, the heart of the story is the bond between a brother and sister. A relationship strengthened by tragedy, but fractured by circumstance. Their connection is one that siblings everywhere will readily relate to. 

You can stream The Lawyer, right here from Sunday 1 April. New episodes available Fridays on TVNZ OnDemand.