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  • Jessica Raine's hot new role

    Jessica Raine plays Alison Laithwaite, the glamourous but troubled army wife in the BBC’s new drama, The Last Post.

    Viewers in the UK are reportedly quite shocked, to see Raine in such a controversial role, after rising to fame as the straight-laced Jenny in TVNZ 1’s Call the Midwife.

    The two period dramas might be set in a similar era, but the characters couldn’t be more different.

    Jenny could be described as a saintly nurse – Alison, on the other hand is an alcoholic adulterer, with a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humour.

    Her character has been described in the British media as “gin-soaked and sex-crazed.”

    The first episode of The Last Post sees her in bed with her husband’s military superior. And she’s rarely spotted without a drink in hand.

    Alison clearly has some secrets, some reasons for her self-destructive behaviour.

    We’re excited to watch her story unfold as the series continues.

    Raine was excited about her sexy new role, saying “I got a real hit of Alison as soon as I read the script.”

    “After a few weeks of playing her, I have this overwhelming desire to go out, get drunk and fling myself around a dancefloor.” 

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    Raine as Alison Laithwaite, in The Last Post.