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The Kids in the Hall

Irreverent, off-beat sketch comedy series starring the hilarious Canadian comedy troupe of Dave Foley, Bruce McColloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    M The Kids introduce the Head Crusher and the Blues Guy, while a masked squash player climbs the rungs of the D-Squash Ladder.

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      M We meet the paranoid undercover alien who overreacts to innocent questions, the bad doctor who just states facts, and the most handsome man in the world.

      M In this episode you'll find fan favourites like Cabbage Head and the flamboyant Buddy, while the French trappers travel through an office trapping businessmen for their suits.

      M The crazy Sizzler Sisters perform their lounge act and news anchorman cannot stop laughing while trying to report the news. Plus, Kathie the secretary wins Miss Canada.

      M Watch the Nutty Bunnies frolic in a field, Buddy's commentary on why being outed isn't a bad thing, and a man who has to deal with both a nagging wife and parrot.

      M From Bruce having to face a jury of his ex-girlfriends, to a blind date with the Chicken Lady, as well as a bank robbery by the insane Sizzler Sisters, this episode is sure to leave you laughing.

      M In this episode, the Kids introduce Theo, the cool teacher who confides in his class, as well as the Bad Anecdote Guy. Plus, Buddy spots a nymph in the woods.