The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue

The jungle can be a dangerous place... but thankfully there's a group of heroes ready to defend those in trouble. Join the Jungle Bunch as they rush to the rescue of their animal friends!

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Deep into the Chasm

    G Professor Ernest, a kiwi, comes to the Jungle Bunch for help because an earth tremor has opened up a large crack right in the middle of his village!

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      • Stop or My Mum Will Scratch

      G The hippos are angry with the kiwis and are threatening to destroy their village! Can the Jungle Bunch help them resolve their differences before things get out of hand?

      • The Scoundrel Museum

      G Vladimir has kidnapped all the bees in the jungle, and he's using them to build a wax museum to celebrate his greatness! Can the Jungle Bunch find a way to stop him?

      • Sweet Tooth

      G The jerboas are trapped on their island as a giant saltwater crocodile is stopping them from going in the water. Can the Jungle Bunch find a way to free them?

      • Lethal Banana

      G All the bananas in the jungle are going missing! Goliath and Miguel team up to investigate in this action-packed mission!

      • Tough Luck!

      G Pollux is suffering from a very strange disease - he's the most unlucky creature in the jungle, and his bad luck seems to be contagious! Can the Jungle Bunch help him become lucky?

      • Meet the Tarsiers

      G Al gets all puffed up, and it's going to take a great botanist to find a cure and get his proper shape back! Gilbert goes in search of his father, Gildas, to see if he can help.

      • The Minis at the Looney Well

      G The Mini Jungle Bunch fall into the Loony Well. Down there, they try to free the princess of the realm, kept prisoner by Totor.

      • The Dogs in the Reservoir

      G The kiwis ask the Jungle Bunch for help when a gang of hyenas start stealing their food.

      • The Jungled

      G Victor, the Jungle Bunch's biggest fan, asks the Great Warrior Tiger about their very first adventure. Maurice tells him the full story of the how the team met.

      • From Dusk 'Till Yawn

      G Will Al and Bob be able to overcome their love for insects and not eat a single one for an entire day? Batricia bets that they won't be able to, but the bet has some unexpected consequences.

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