The Jaquie Brown Diaries

An egocentric and overly ambitious TV reporter working as the light relief on a hard-hitting NZ current affairs show tries to claw her way up the media ladder with the help of her morally bankrupt publicist.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    ML Jaquie Brown seems to have found her niche doing light relief stories on a current affairs show, but she suddenly feels threatened when the producers hire a new reporter.

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      16L After losing her job on McHuntly at 7, Jaquie tries desperately to climb back up the media ladder, but her only available option is a co-hosting gig on radio Hautaki with her ex-nemesis James Coleman.

      16L When Serita's terrible new sitcom is a critical and commercial success, Jaquie is determined to pitch her own show. However, she soon realises that coming up with a good idea is a lot harder than she thought.

      16L Jaquie thinks she's made a love connection with Hollywood actor Terence Ben'et, but Kim insists it's all part of his professional charm. Guest starring Rhys Darby.

      16L Jaquie accepts an offer as a last minute replacement on a reality show called 'Celebrity Frontiers', where the contestants must live as people did in early settler times.

      16L The reality show becomes a little too real when the celebrities get stranded in the bush, but the harsh elements and a lack of survival skills are not their only concern.

      16L The aftermath of the hostage crisis has made Jaquie a hot property and her star looks like it's finally on the rise. But when she signs with a new agent, her friendship with Kim is put to the test.

      16L Against Kim's advice, Jaquie responds to criticism on an internet forum. The inevitable media backlash sets in motion a chain of events that put her back on the path to self-destruction.

      16L Series Finale: Jaquie finds herself in a 'celebrity rehab' and is reunited with her old boss Ian McHuntly. Meanwhile, Kim uncovers some dark secrets about Serita.