The Humble Yum Yum

The Humble Yum Yum

Eat Well For Less New Zealand's Ganesh Raj creates new and fun dishes for up to four people that cost less than $20, with the focus on having fun, breaking the food ‘rules’, and serving up deliciousness. For more recipes and videos head to thehumbleyumyum.com

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The Humble Yum Yum
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sunday 26 Jul 2020

    G Get ready to try a fried chicken recipe that is fun, a schnitzel dish that will take you travelling to another world, and a winter warmer that is hearty to the max!

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      • Sunday 10 Jan

      G We kick off the new year with a food holiday to the Mediterranean. Next we take a wee detour to Sri Lanka for some lunch and a speed train to Japan for dinner. It's all happening on The Humble Yum Yum!

      • Sunday 27 Dec 2020

      G We bring you a tuna and cheese feast that is fun and exciting. Then we travel to Morocco for a well-earned holiday and finally we come back home for some comfort food - meat and two veg - Yum Yum style.

      • Sunday 13 Dec 2020

      G We bring you a Christmas lunch fit for kings, for 4 people, for ONLY $50! This meal has everything - delicious garlic chicken and stuffing, two vegetable sides and even a dessert! Merry Christmas everyone!

      • Sunday 29 Nov 2020

      G We bring full flavour with delicious tofu; then it's a prawn patty that will be a family favourite; and finally, we go travelling to Mexico to put a little spice in your life.

      • Sunday 15 Nov 2020

      G We go inside a potato and stuff it with goodness; a triple threat of green vegetables makes our next dish a must have for the whole family; and finally, we go travelling to Vietnam for a star of a dish that will leave you wanting more.

      • Sunday 1 Nov 2020

      G This time, we go deep into the freezer to find ingredients we can make amazing dishes out of. Firstly, the ocean gives us a seafood surprise that is great for the whole family. Then we go travelling to South Africa for a real treat. Cheese is the star of the last dish, which will leave you wanting more.

      • Sunday 18 Oct 2020

      G We start with a seafood delight that's good for the soul and the wallet; then we go back to my youth with a military dish that kept me going for days; and finally, we take a trip to Mexico where we experience the flavours and smells of a holiday.

      • Sunday 4 Oct 2020

      G We take the omelette and turn it into a tasty and nutritious meal. Then we go travelling to Thailand for a delicious and authentic dish that will take your taste buds on an adventure. Finally, there's a tasty and budget friendly twist on a steak.

      • Sunday 20 Sep 2020

      G We take some humble corn and turn it into a super delicious meal; then dive into my childhood as I show you a dish that always made me smile; and finally there's a pasta dish that would make any family happy!

      • Sunday 6 Sep 2020

      G We travel to China for some sweet and sour goodness, then dive into the world of Indian inspired Mexican food, and finally try a fun and exciting take on a potato double down!

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