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The Hard Stuff with Nigel Latta Episodes

Season 2

    AO Most people who take their lives in New Zealand aren't seeing professionals, which means family, friends and co-workers need to know when someone's in trouble and what to do about it. Nigel explains how we can all help.If you are affected by this episode contact LIFELINE 0800 543 354.

    G Back in the 60s & 70s, NZ had a standard of living that was the envy of the world. Now everyone seems to be working longer for less. Why after more than 30 years of market reforms haven't we got more to show for it? Nigel tries to fathom 'The NZ Economy'.

    G For years we've been told that going to University is the key to success - and more than half of our young people are now looking for a tertiary qualification. But is a university qualification really worth it?

    G House prices are skyrocketing upwards and with no sign of slowing down it means more New Zealanders are forced to stay in rented properties? Nigel sets out to understand the new lay of the land.And we're not just talking Auckland; this is a national obsession.

    G One in four of us are now born overseas and every other day there are news reports of climbing Immigration numbers. Can a small country sustain large numbers of people coming in? Nigel finds out if Immigration helps us, or hurts us.

    G We vote for politicians, pay their salaries,and trust them to pass the laws by which we all live, and yet we don't seem to trust them. How does parliament work and what do MPs actually do?Nigel Latta goes to Wellington to find out.

    G NZ now hasmore people over 65 than any time in history - and as they live longer can we afford to keep paying their superannuation and their healthcare? How is the country going to deal with an oncoming tsunami of baby boomers hitting old age?

    G Teenagers have been introduced to a new technological world and parents are trying to deal with this technology onslaught. Is this the future we dreamed of - our teens glued to their phones, the real world unable to compete with the online? How is technology impacting on our teens?