Straight after the show each week, viewers can go online to go behind the scenes on all the week’s soufflés and souf-fails as Chris takes a funny and irreverent look at the action in the tent and shines a spotlight on the good, the bad and the soggy bottomed from each episode in The Great Kiwi Bake Off: An Extra Slice.

Chris Parker has a diverse range of performance abilities, stemming from his eclectic and extensive live comedy and television experience. From being a comedy writer and actor on Funny Girls, Jono and Ben and 7 Days to playing the iconic David Halls in the smash hit theatre show Hudson and Halls Live!, Chris is a rising star in New Zealand. Chris also co-hosts the popular podcast The Male Gayz alongside Eli Matthewson, which was recently adapted into a web series for TVNZ OnDemand.

As a comedian, his New Zealand International Comedy Festival Shows such as CAMPING, D.O.C’ing and No More Dancing in the Good Room frequently sell out and go on to more successful seasons.

Did you ever think you’d be hosting a baking show?

The Great British Bake Off is easily my favourite show of all time. I watch horizontal in my bed while shoveling snacks into my mouth. When I found out New Zealand was having their very own show I emailed everyone I knew in power to get me in arms reach of the show. Being able to host An Extra Slice is like all my web series dreams have come true.

Can you tell us what you’ll be getting up to on An Extra Slice?

First of all, you’re going to see me eat a lot of cake. Next, you’re going to see me make a mess of a lot of the cakes… I’ve come to realise I shouldn’t be trusted with pretty cakes. I get to share a lot of laughs with the bakers and we have a few special guests pop in along the way too.

If you were to cook up a dish for Dean and Sue, what would it be?

I would sneakily order in and plate it up really fancy, like that scene from Mrs Doubtfire. There is no way I’m brave enough to cook for the judges!

When watching from the side-lines have you ever wanted to roll your sleeves up and help the bakers?

I’m actually really good at giving them moral support. I consider myself a part-time cake cheerleader. My greatest strength on set was finding a silver-lining in the baking disasters. “Some people prefer the taste of burnt pastry” - that kind of thing.

Describe An Extra Slice in three words…


Do you have a baking disaster of your own?

I once made some scones for my family, which my father described as “So solid, they could be used in warfare.”

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury. I’m sweet enough already.

If you were a baked item, what would you be and why?

I would be my favourite biscuit of all time, a BELGIUM BISCUIT. Sweet on top, with a little bit of spice and very jammy on the inside.