Shannon, 41, Wellington

After taking a chocolate cake into the office, his baking became so popular that he turned into the go-to if somebody needed a delicious and striking birthday cake. Shannon’s bakes are impressive and adventurous and he is mostly focused on cakes and slices, but he’s tried his hand at all facets of baking. His nan’s steam pudding holds a special place in his heart, he still remembers watching her make this in her kitchen as a child and he loves recreating it often in a tribute to her.

Why did you apply for The Great Kiwi Bake Off?

My friends encouraged me to apply for the show. I love to bake and I’ve always had a lot of support in my baking escapades so thought I’d give it a go.

What is your signature bake?

My signature bake is anything cake, decorated with fondant.

How would you describe your baking style?

Freeform and adventurous.

What home-made baking dish are you most proud of?

My grandmother’s famous steam pudding.

What has been your biggest baking disaster?

Destroying a friend’s pot when I forgot about a pudding I had boiling away...smoke plumes everywhere and the kitchen resembled a coal mine! Funny now, not so funny at the time.

What would your ‘death row’ sweet treat be?

Steam pudding with custard (no fruit).

If you were a baked item, what would you be and why?

Probably a chocolate cake with berries hiding inside...don’t know what you’re getting until you break the surface!

What would winning The Great Kiwi Bake Off mean to you?

It would be such an awesome accolade to achieve. But it would mostly validate the passion that I have for baking.