Lead: Evie

Evie's a beautiful 1957 Ford Fairlane with a wonderful secret. She's recently had some major work done and with a new electrified lease on life, she’s the star of the show.

Evie is an inspiration and perfect example of Energy made Wonderful. Now running better than ever, Evie's one of a kind. 

Supporting Actor: Ron

Ron's a laid back dude in his late 70s. He's embracing age and retirement but still up for an adventure.

Ron and Malcolm have been friends forever. They've got each other's backs and share many passions.

Supporting Actor: Malcolm

Despite now calling a retirement village home Malcolm hasn't let go of his youth.

Evie has been the special lady in Malcolm’s life for years and recently he had the best idea of his life – turning Evie into an EV.

This stroke of genius has given them both a new lease on life. While Malcolm treated Evie to a new coat of paint, he’s sticking with his old leather jacket.

Featured Extra: Security Guard

Rob loves working nights at Sleepy Heights. No one ever comes through the gates, leaving him free to indulge in his love of instant noodles and Korean TV.

Featured Extras: Passengers 

Drag Queens – Malcolm had never had royalty in his car until he met these lovely ladies.

Back Packers – Their directions got lost in translation and Malcolm just got lost.  

Hen’s Night – Her feet were killing her so she caught a ride with Evie but an upset tummy threatens to ‘kill’ Evie’s upholstery.