David Morrissey plays Vince McKee

1. The first episode opens with a car chase 

When we first see Vince McKee he is racing through the streets of Manchester demonstrating the kind of driving you might expect in a Fast and Furious movie. It’s tense, it’s thrilling and it sets the scene for the action to come. 

2. David Morrissey is brilliant as depressed cabbie Vince

He has impressed us before in The Walking Dead and The Missing and Morrissey does not disappoint in The Driver, making it easy to sympathise with a person who makes a terrible choice and ends up deceiving his family. We shouldn’t like him, but we do.

3. Art imitates life for actors David Morrissey and Ian Hart

When Vince reunites with former mate Colin Vine at the beginning of the series, so do the actors who play them. Morrissey and Hart, who plays Col, have been friends since they were children.  This made acting like old friends incredibly easy for the duo, with Morrissey saying there was “almost a shorthand between us”.

Harish Patel plays Vince's boss Amjad

4. Between action-filled car chases and tense familial relations come surprising moments of humour

Things might be deadly serious in Vince’s world but there are light-hearted moments that break the tension. Watch out for Vince’s scenes with taxi boss Amjad, played by Harish Patel, whose dead-pan sense of humour inspires more than a few laughs.

5. There’s a mystery bubbling underneath the action

Where is Vince’s son Tim? Why did he leave the family home? This mystery creates the most emotionally compelling scenes of the miniseries.

Sacha Parkinson as Vince's daughter Katie

6. There’s a Coronation Street connection

The Manchester setting and accent will be familiar to Coro fans, but so will Sacha Parkinson, who plays Vince’s daughter Katie McKee. Sacha played Sophie Webster’s love interest Sian Powers and is clearly a star on the rise.

7. The series ends with another car chase

Don’t worry, we won’t ruin the ending. But a drama called The Driver had to end with a car chase didn’t it?

You can stream the whole season of The Driver right here.