David Morrissey stars in The Driver

He played The Walking Dead’s brutal bad guy The Governor, and now David Morrissey stars as Vince McKee, a family man tempted by the dark side in new miniseries The Driver.

Vince is a husband, father and taxi driver who is dissatisfied with his life until a meeting with an old friend leads him to make a deal with the devil. 

But the devil in this case is actually The Horse (Colm Meaney), a criminal gang boss who offers Vince a lucrative driving position, so long as he looks the other way and asks no questions. 

From then on, there is no turning back. As Col says, “Once you’re in, you’re in.” 

Combining family drama with thrilling action sequences, The Driver explores how Vince’s bad choices ultimately turn his life upside down.

As well as playing the lead, Morrissey had a hand firmly on the steering wheel as an executive producer, a role he admits made him “very nervous”. 

“I have directed, acted and produced in the past, so wearing many hats is something I enjoy. But it’s important to have a solid and talented team around you.”

David had just that in co-stars Ian Hart, Colm Meaney and Claudie Blakley, as well as director Jamie Payne and writer Danny Brocklehurst, who also penned the drama series Ordinary Lies.

“The whole shoot was memorable for me,” Morrissey says.

You can stream the whole season of The Driver right here.