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  • The DNA Detectives Episodes

      • Episode 1

      G New Series: Kiwi celebrities hand over DNA samples to find out where their roots lie. First to retrace their ancestry is foodie Ray McVinnie and1 News Correspondent Jack Tame. Host Richard O'Brien.

      • Episode 3

      G Weather man Sam Wallace and actress Amanda Billing seek out the truth behind old family myths. From rumours of royal ties to the origins of dark colouring, their questions are answered thanks to DNA.

      • Episode 2

      G Sports-mad radio host Dave Fane finds he has major league sporting connections a world away, while chef Michael Van De Elzen meets a relative who has a deadly fascination with food.

      • Episode 4

      PGR Broadcaster Willie Jackson and actress Shavaughn Ruakere find they have colourful characters in their past and both discover ancestors who made a name for themselves.

      • Episode 5

      G Actors Nicole Whippy and Kirk Torrance go back in time and find family connections to pilgrim settlers and ancient tribes. Along the way, both discover connections to some very famous folks.

      • Episode 6

      G Season Final: DNA testing shows commentator Leigh Hart and presenter Sonia Gray that what runs in their blood goes back thousands of years - from the wilds of Africa to the caves of Croatia.