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The Cul de Sac
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New season starts Saturday 9 July at 6pm on TVNZ 2
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The Cul de Sac

New season starts Saturday 9 July at 6pm on TVNZ 2
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  • The Cul de Sac Episodes

      G New Series: Sci-fi thriller in which a group of teenagers wake to a world where the adults have mysteriously disappeared and all technology has ceased to function. Starring Greta Gregory and KJ Apa.

      G Rose and Lucas set out to track down a mysterious military transport plane seen in the skies above the city. Meanwhile, Jack, Eliza and Tom encounter a terrifying creature.

      G Rose, Lucas and Doni find themselves trapped deep underground in a nest of Creepers. Meanwhile, Jack, Eliza and Tom are forced to defend the house.

      G Tom insists he's received a radio signal from their mother. Meanwhile, Rose must rescue Jack and Eliza after they are captured by Doni's followers.

      G Rose's mother returns along with a small group of adults. As the world appears to be getting back to normal, Jack begins to suspect things are not as they seem.

      G Season Finale: Rose wakes back in the normal world, but she is the only one with any memory of what has happened. Doni summons the Walking Man, forcing Rose and the others to flee the cul de sac.