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The Cul de Sac

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  • The Cul de Sac Episodes

      G New Season: Pursued by Reapers, Rose, Eliza and Tom stumble across Haven, a utopian settlement where children live an idyllic life. Rose soon begins to suspect not all is as it seems.

      G Rose sets out to find Eliza after she goes missing and discovers the dreadful truth about Haven and its young inhabitants.

      G Rose is separated from her group after they encounter a Reaper hunting party. Meanwhile in the city, a streetwise skater named Willa comes across an actual living adult.

      G Rose and her small group are forced to hide in an abandoned hospital while a large marauding gang of Hunters move through the area. However, Eliza begins to suspect the hospital is haunted.

      G Rose and Eliza hatch a plan. Doni continues to search for Michael.

      G Series Final: Michael is brought before Doni. Meanwhile, Rose and the others are brought into the city and put to work.