Set in 1947 Paris, The Collection is a sumptuous period drama which chronicles the rise of the Sabine family’s fashion house Paul Sabine Couture.

After the austerity of World War II, the French government has decided Paris needs to rise from the ashes of war and reassert its standing as the centre of high fashion for the world.

But much of the fashion world has ties to the Nazis after the Paris occupation and only Paul Sabine and his upcoming couture house is believed to be clean of undesirable associations.

A charming and ruthless businessman, Paul relishes in the opportunity to be the centre of the Paris fashion scene. But his success relies on his younger, more reckless brother Claude.

Claude is the creative of the family, designing the clothes for the house. But his unreliability has meant the brothers have made a deal – Paul will let Claude live his own life, free from restrictions, if Claude has a new sketch for his brother every morning.

With Paul’s leadership and Claude’s creative vision, their house could rise to the top of the Paris couturiers. But the tenuous and volatile relationship between the brothers could also lead to the downfall of the Sabine empire.

Claude, Paul and Nina

Richard Coyle, recently seen in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, plays Paul Sabine and Da Vinci’s Demons star Tom Riley is Claude.

Adding more fuel to the family fire is Vanity Fair's Frances de la Tour as the Sabine family matriarch Yvette and Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer as Paul’s wife Helen.

Also look out for SS-GB’s James Cosmo as the Sabine family’s financial backer Jules Trouvier and W1A’s Sarah Parish as one of Paul’s wealthy customers, American divorcee Marjorie Sutter.

Based loosely on the fashion house of Dior, which was founded in 1946, The Collection stitches together the glamourous and extravagant fashions of the late 1940s with murder, intrigue, and betrayal.

The full season of The Collection will be available Friday 1 February.