The Checkup

The Checkup

In the new season, doctors Mataroria Lyndon, Shawn Gielen-Relph and Jayani Kannangara investigate new treatments and medical advances, with an eye to debunking common health misconceptions. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

The Checkup
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 8 Jul 2019

    G Jayani gives us the lowdown on flu vaccines. Mataroria discovers the truth about vaping. And can Sam uncover the secret to eternal youth?

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      • Monday 11 Jan

      PG Are you a mozzie magnet? Mataroria discovers if the little biters really are more attracted to some people than others. Plus, Jayani challenges some preconceived ideas about heart attack sufferers and their symptoms.

      • Monday 18 Jan

      G Jayani gets baking with bugs, Shawn unravels some myths about conjunctivitis and Mataroria shows you how to up your iodine intake. Plus, could Aotearoa be one of the first countries in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV?

      • Monday 25 Jan

      G Sneakers with heels, shoes with wheels... the trends just keep on coming, but if healthy feet are what we're after what shoes should we be buying?

      • Monday 1 Feb

      PG Jayani finds out whether later school start times could improve academic performance and mental health. Plus, Shawn investigates how much salt we're consuming.

      • Monday 8 Feb

      G Shawn discovers if our pong tells us more than whether we need to shower or not. Plus, Jayani investigates what a Japanese octopus and those suffering from a broken heart have in common.

      • Monday 15 Feb

      G Mataroria enlists the help of some school children to give the lowdown on measles, vaccines and herd immunity. Plus, is there a potential link between the growing use of social media and increasing mental distress?

      • Monday 1 Mar

      G Jayani meets a sports star combating chronic fatigue and Mataroria investigates the placebo effect. Plus, is activated charcoal the modern day miracle it's made out to be?

      • Monday 8 Mar

      G Jayani investigates why period stigma still exists and how this affects overall female health. Plus, Mataroria explores what GPS devices are doing to our brains.