The Catherine Tate Show

Meet all of Catherine Tate's most memorable characters, including foul-mouthed Nan and argumentative teen Lauren, in this hilarious, sketch-comedy series!

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    ML Claire can't get drunk enough to find James attractive; Margaret gets a nasty fright from her breakfast cereal; and Nan Taylor reckons her home help is a thief.

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      ML Kathleen is delighted when her son reveals he is gay, and she insists on showing him her new skirt. After claiming to speak seven languages, Helen Marsh translates at an international summit.

      ML Another cheerleader is after Lauren's boyfriend, but she says she isn't bothered. Meanwhile, Nan has a rat in her house.

      ML Lauren receives a proposal; Nan has a new neighbour from upstairs; and Derek Faye meets Bonnie Langford.

      ML The protest group 'Gingers for Justice' take to the rooftops. Lauren causes trouble in her science class.

      ML Lauren refuses to speak French for an oral exam. Geordie Georgie's latest venture is to drum up support for all the little folk in the North-East who suffer from sex addiction.

      ML Series Finale: Derek goes for a massage and is offered more than a back rub; the ultra-snobby Aga Saga Woman has a disaster with yoghurt; and it's Lauren's wedding day.