Kaiora Tipene is integral to the successful running of Tipene Funerals

Kaiora is the Director of Finance at Tipene Funerals and the wife of Managing Director Francis.

She was born and bred in Kaitaia and met her future husband, Francis, at Te Wananga o te Takiura (Maori Training College) where he was learning te reo.

She was studying teaching, looking to work in total immersion Maori for Kura Kaupapa.

Initially drawn to his love of music and stunning singing voice, Francis and Kai’s romance blossomed and now her role as Financial Director is integral to the successful running of Tipene Funerals.

Kai says she does everything at Tipene Funerals, which includes reining in Francis’ tendency to spend money. 

Although Francis doesn’t always like Kai’s decisions, especially when she tells him not to buy something, he says he “couldn’t work without her”.

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