The Tipene Funerals team

1. It is a truly heart-warming look at an industry which isn’t often discussed or thought about

Death is a fact of life but rarely do you get a glimpse inside the funeral business like The Casketeers offers. Throughout the series, the aroha and passion that Francis, Kaiora and their staff have for what they do is obvious. 

2. You might cry, but mostly tears of laughter

The Casketeers is a show about death, but that doesn't mean it's depressing. From their hilarious behind-the-scenes antics to the respectful and dignified way in which the team go about their business, in any given episode you could shed both tears of joy and sadness.

3. It’s all about the people

As Francis knows, it’s the people that make the business. It is also the people and their larger-than-life personalities that make the show. Right from the start, when Francis jokes about the funeral business always being busy “because people die”, you can’t help but love the whole Tipene Funerals team.

4. Francis’ perfectionism

Francis has extremely high standards, which is obviously a good thing in his line of work. But sometimes his co-workers wonder if he’s going too far. Watching Francis blow leaves out of the carpark and direct the removal of chewing gum from the pavement show how much he cares about his business. They’re also some of the funniest moments in the series.

Scottie and Fiona from The Casketeers

5. You might just learn something

Francis is fluent in te reo and speaks to many of his clients in a mix of te reo and English. Non-speakers should not despair though, as his comments are translated in captions and key words are pulled out both in te reo and English. This makes it easy to learn while you watch!

6. It’s undeniably Kiwi

It’s not just the use of te reo, it’s the personalities, the humour, the stories – they could only be from New Zealand. You couldn't make the same show anywhere else in the world. The disputes over Farmbake biscuits feel particularly familiar to us. 

7. It’s part documentary, part workplace comedy

The relationships between the co-workers of Tipene Funerals are hilariously relatable, even though they’re maybe a little more honest than we’d be with our colleagues. Francis describes Fiona as “rough around the edges”, Scottie says Francis “can be a pain in the ass” and Kaiora says her husband’s perfectionism is like OCD. They’re like one big, happy, squabbling family we wish we were part of.

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