Mike Vogel as Captain Adam Dalton.

Captain Adam Dalton

Mike Vogel plays Captain Adam Dalton, the leader of an elite group of military professionals who carry out dangerous missions wherever they are needed in the world.

As the team leader he makes all the big calls and is very comfortable and confident in high pressure situations.

This is not Vogel’s first rodeo. You may remember him as a pilot on the short-lived series Pan-Am, or as Dale in the sci-fi Under The Dome.

But if movies are more your thing, he has also starred in Poseidon, The Help and Cloverfield.

The Pennsylvania-born actor’s two grandfathers served in the military and he has said that he wanted to be a fighter pilot. But acting came along before he could successfully enlist.

The team:

Mike Vogel, Noah Mills, Hadi Tabbal, Demetrius Grosse and Natacha Karam in The Brave.

Ezekiel 'Preach' Carter

Demetrius Grosse plays Ezekiel ‘Preach’ Carter, a communications specialist in Adam Dalton’s elite team. 

TV drama is clearly where Grosse is at his best. He has appeared in ER, Banshee (alongside Kiwi Antony Starr), Justified and, more recently, Westworld.

Jasmine 'Jaz' Khan

Natacha Karam plays Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Khan, a sniper and member of Dalton’s special ops team.

Karam is fairly new on the acting scene with just a couple of TV guest roles under her belt, in Silent Witness and Homeland. From these small roles, Karam landed a starring role in The Brave

Amir Al-Raisani

Hadi Tabbal plays Amir Al-Raisani, an intelligence operative who is part of Dalton’s team on the ground. Tabbal has said it is “refreshing” to play a nuanced and heroic Muslim character.

This is his first starring role in a TV series, but the newcomer has had several small roles in the shows Person of Interest, House of Cards, The Blacklist and Elementary.

Joseph 'McG' McGuire

Noah Mills plays Joseph ‘McG’ McGuire, a combat medic on Dalton’s team who is also pretty handy with a sniper rifle.

Mills was a model before he found acting, representing big names in fashion like Calvin Klein, Versace and Emporio Armani. His first role was in the film Sex and the City 2 and he also played Max’s boyfriend Robbie in the first episode of 2 Broke Girls.