The Boulet Brothers: Dragula

The Boulet Brothers host a talent show, to earn the title of Dragula, the World's First Drag Supermonster. These queens will do anything for the crown.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
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    16L We meet the queens competing to snatch the crown and the title of the World's First Drag Supermonster! Which queen will rise to the occasion and win the opening challenge, and which queen will meet her death first?

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      16L Get ready to meet this season's eleven monster drag artists as they face their first challenge and an extermination that will draw battle lines and separate the predators from the prey.

      16L The first competitor has fallen and the remaining contestants face off in a real life bloodbath that will leave one of them staked through the heart... literally.

      16L In this first ever legacy challenge, the monsters are split into two rock bands and must compete in an arena style rock show to demolish the opposing band.

      16L The remaining competitors leave the mansion and go on location for the first time. The pressure pushes people to the breaking point and a mental meltdown threatens to send someone home.

      16L Fashion Meets filth on the runway and the monster models must prove they can serve killer looks and give good interviews. The threat of being exterminated brings out rotten reactions in everyone and competitors are dropping like flies.

      16L Only 6 competitors remain and it's going to take surgical precision to survive this week's challenge. The monsters pose for photographers and editors to see who has the strongest photos. One will win and one will be sent to the morgue.

      16L The competitors must prove that they have a place in the Dragula freaky family. They say no-one can hurt you more than the ones you love, and the Boulet Brothers prove that in tonight's extermination challenge.

      16L Halloween night is almost upon us and to celebrate, a pair of horror icons join the judging panel. The final four compete to see who will survive and earn their place in the grand finale.

      16L The dead are resurrected for one night only to attend the Dragula season 3 family reunion. All of the ghouls reunite to rip the scabs off old wounds and let the bad blood between them flow.

      16L The strongest monsters of the season deliver their final performances in the categories of Filth, Horror and Glamour. The best of the best face off and one of them is crowned the winner and takes the title of Dragula!