"Believe it or not, I used to be very proud of the way I looked," says William.

"I used to be quite fashionable. Jeans, cowboy boots, that kind of thing. Now I’m restricted to this."

"This"  is referring to a pair of adult dungarees, clinging to his large frame.

"I’d love to get into a pair of jeans again," he says, breaking into a big smile, "and go dancing."

William's been given a goal for surgery. He needs to lose 10 kgs, and he’s going at it with gusto.

Whatever happens, William is determined to make the most of the rest of his life.

William’s always been physically active, and in relatively good shape. 

In 2000, his new wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Looking after her, William would cook all the meals. She would eat two spoon-fuls, and he would finish the rest.

When she passed, William continued doing the same.

He wants to lose the weight he gained over that time, and continue on the road to health. 

Recently William has a new lease on life. He’s doing everything he can to make it work, aqua-arobics, walking, eating smaller meals.

His weigh in is in a few weeks and he admits he's terrified. But William’s doing everything he can to make sure the outcome is a positive one.