Melissa is attractive bubbly, and articulate, she’s also incredibly well-versed in all things bariatric. 

After working at a surgeons office for some years, Melissa was convinced to have gastric band surgery, and has been struggling with it for some time. 

"It’s surgical bulimia," she says. "I’ll eat, and then go to the bathroom and get rid of it. But you can't not eat, the world revolves around food." 

Melissa doesn’t want the gastric sleeve, she wants to go straight to a bypass.

She says if she can cheat something, she will. Her only hope is to be completely, psychically restricted once and for all.

Melissa wants the band removed, and the bypass done all in one go so she doesn’t gain weight.  

Whatever ends up happening, Melissa has a great support system, with Husband Mark, son Andrew and daughter Hayley all supportive of her having surgery.  

Melissa is dedicated to her family and her friends. But she really wants to dedicate some time to herself.

She's sick of feeling exhausted all the time, barely being able to eat, then binging when she can.