Lisa admits that food is her go-to. It's her comfort, and it makes her feel better on hard days.

Lisa often has hard days.  Along with what she considers her food-addiction, Lisa also suffers from anxiety and depression - and she’s not afraid to talk about it. 

"I’m terrified of the surgery," Lisa admits, "but if there’s even the smallest chance it will help my mental health, I’ll do it."

Lisa’s Psychiatrist Dr Jai Ramakrishnan agrees. "Obesity and mental health are inevitably linked. But Lisa’s strong, she can do this."

Along with Dr Jai, Lisa has husband Chris supporting her. "He’s so supportive!"  Lisa says, "but he’s also an enabler. He’ll smuggle Milky Bars in because he knows they’re my favourite."

It will be a battle, but Lisa has faced many battles before, including post-natal depression and the death of her first husband. 

Lisa likens depression to a stalker, catching her and bringing her down. But she’s determined to beat it.

This girl has goals. Small one, like being able to wear a necklace on her ‘chin-neck’ to the not so small.

I just want to be a normal, healthy woman, who feels good about how she looks at the same time."