At 18 years old, and 167 kgs, Lauren's natural confidence is often overshadowed by the reality of her weight. 

She dreams of going shopping with her friends, and getting cool clothes that they can share.

"And losing the weight will help stop the sweating, and I don’t have to be so embarrassed to be out in public.’

Lauren starts the statement with a smile, her warm eyes dancing, but ends slightly apologetically. 

Lauren goes to boot-camp weekly, but only with people she knows.

On her Mum's day off, they go for a walk together in the mornings, but Lauren doesn't like to go by herself. 

Lauren loves food, and has dreams of being a chef. She does all the family meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking.

But Lauren doesn't think she's ready to be a chef just yet.

"We’ve been going through a difficult time with her, trying to get her motivated to get a job," Lauren's mum, Sharon, told the doctor.

Lauren is the only obese member of her family, and has been large from a young age.

Sharon is determined to help her daughter do whatever it takes to get to surgery, if she wants it. 

And she does want it. With a determination and maturity surprising for someone her age.

"I know it’s going to be difficult and everything," Lauren says. "But I have to try."