Jackson has always been a big boy, so big in fact that he’s been on the surgery list since he was 15. 

Now the doctors deem him old enough for surgery, and Jackson openly admits he probably hasn’t been mature enough until now.

"He's done some stupid things," says Jackson's mother. "But he’s trying to turn his life around." 

Jackson agrees. "It’s time to tend to myself now.  I’ve dealt with everything else,  mind and soul. It’s time to tend to the body."

"I want to be like the other 21 year olds, living it up, I don’t want to be stuck on my arse." 

Jackson is studying for a freight forwarding licence, and he wants to get his driver's licence through his local marae.

In his spare time he works out with his friend Willem, and they catch the train together to One Tree Hill.   

Jackson is impatient, and frustrated at having to wait. "I’ve stopped going to the dieticians. I know what I need to do, I don't need to see them anymore."

Accepting help through the process is going to be a big part of the battle for Jackson, as well as the process itself. But he’s determined to do it.