Elizabeth loves people, loves life and loves food.   

A shift-worker at Middlemore, Elizabeth is used to getting things done. Then she comes home and helps her daughter look after her four children.

In terms of her family legacy, Elizabeth is worried. 

"My whole family is big," says Elizabeth. "I've lost my older sister, I’ve lost my older brother, my nephew is too big to even get the operation at the moment."

Elizabeth wants to be a role model for her family. She doesn't want to be the next one of them to die from obesity-related illness.

Elizabeth wants a new lease on life. She loves her job, looking after the little ones, and going back to Kaikohe where she grew up.

But she wants to be able to do these things properly. At the moment it's hard for her to walk because of her arthritic joints.

Elizabeth walks with a walker, and goes swimming too. She cant wait to be able to do both without feeling too much pain.

As far as Elizabeth is concerned - it's about living the best life you can, and making your own legacy.