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The Big Ward

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      G New Series: Local documentary series following the emotional journeys of six morbidly obese Kiwis as they prepare for potentially life-saving weight loss surgery at Manukau's Super Clinic.

      PGR Josephine, who's been best friends with food since childhood, has her last super-sized breakfast. Vincent makes Maria eat her greens and Nat leaves hospital a little lighter on his feet.

      G Tonight, agoraphobic Josephine ventures outside to exercise and take a vegetable voyage of discovery. Meanwhile, Maria is struggling to kick arthritis and her old habits.

      PGR Tonight, Maria finally makes it into surgery, but it's not all plain sailing. Then, stay-at-home Dad, Pasione, gets news which is hard to stomach.

      G Tonight, Pasione is determined to beat his body; Josephines cooking up a storm; and Nat's weight loss is plummeting at full speed.

      PGR With only 8 weeks to lose 8 kilos, Pasione throws himself in the deep end. Meanwhile, 20 year old law student Kimiora gets questions answered and her family on board for her bariatric journey.

      G We meet single-mum Veronica, who dreams of a life without pain and panic attacks. Then, Kimiora has to stomach critical friends and a whole new approach to eating and exercise.

      PGR Tonight, Josephine gets a sugar shock; Kimiora sails into surgery; and Veronica is devastated by a last minute decision.

      G Tonight, Kimiora's recovery is plagued by dizzy spells; Maria bares all at the beach; and is it second time lucky for Veronica's surgery?

      G Season Finale: Pasione makes an impressive splash; Veronica faces her demons; and Kimiora has more than one milestone to celebrate at her 21st.