Amy and Sheldon

1. Penny’s maiden name revealed

Since she married Leonard, Penny has taken the name Hofstadter. But since The Big Bang Theory started, we have still never found out what her original surname was. She is the only character whose last name is still a mystery, so we’re hoping it will be revealed this year.

2. Raj finds the one

He’s not been lucky in the romance department, so we’re guessing the series won’t wrap up without Raj finding his happily ever after. He is apparently going to have a love interest called Anu, played by Future Man’s Rati Gupta.

3. More babies

We’re thinking either Sheldon and Amy or Leonard and Penny could have kids in their future. Executive producer Steve Holland has said that Leonard and Penny will discuss the idea of kids this year, but actress Kaley Cuoco has said she doesn’t think they should have children. 

4. Penny lands her dream job

Penny has tried a few different jobs over the years. She’s been a waitress, an aspiring actress, a pharmaceutical salesperson and now it looks like she might be moving into PR. Maybe this will be the career path she’s been looking for?

5. The elevator is fixed

Surely after 12 years this could finally be sorted out?

Penny and Leonard

6. One final Bazinga! 

Sheldon hasn’t said his famous catch-phrase since season 8. So we’re hoping it will be revived at least once in the new season.

7. Young Sheldon crossovers

Now the two shows are airing at the same time, there is totally a chance of flashbacks or characters from Sheldon’s past to appear in Big Bang. Producer Steven Molaro has said that young Sheldon’s friend Tam from Young Sheldon could make an appearance in season 12.

8. Saying goodbye to the old apartment 

Like in the final season of Friends, the gang could find it’s time to move on from their beloved apartment building. It would be an appropriate and poignant way to end the series. 

9. Another character spinoff  

We have one spinoff already in Young Sheldon and it’s killing it both here and in the U.S. But what about a young Amy, Leonard or Penny? Or even a present-day spinoff? At a Comic Con panel Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, suggested instead of another Young Sheldon he could do an “Old and Fat Raj” series, following his character’s romantic failures. Fingers crossed!

Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory premieres Tuesday 25 September at 5.30pm on TVNZ OnDemand.