Beth Behrs and Kunal Nayyar on the set of Big Bang.

For six years, Beth Behrs played the lovably ditzy Caroline, on the hit comedy 2 Broke Girls

Now, she’s joined the cast of another long-running comedy favourite, The Big Bang Theory

Behrs plays Nell, a love interest for the eternally-unlucky Raj. Their relationship turns out to be a little more complicated than he’d hoped…

Executive Producer Steve Holland said, “We have such a great cast, sometimes it’s hard to bring in outside actors. That’s why we were so lucky to have someone as great as Beth to play Nell.”

Behrs and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) hit it off straightaway, so it’s not surprising that their characters fall for each other so easily. 

Of course there’s no guarantee their relationship will last, but we for one hope to see more of them onscreen together.  

This is Behrs’ first return to television, since the cancellation of 2 Broke last year. 

She has instead been focusing on being an advocate for the SheHerdPower movement, a rehabilitation program for female victims of abuse.

Behrs’ Big Bang episode airs tonight at 8.45pm on TVNZ 2, or you can stream it right here.