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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory – Season 9, Episode 19

PGR Howard and Leonard lie to their spouses about seeing a movie premiere, but Raj spills the beans. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy go shopping for Sheldon's new laptop.


The Big Bang Theory Episodes

    PGR After driving to Vegas to get married, Penny struggles with Leonard's confession that he kissed another girl. Sheldon doesn't know how to act after Amy pushes pause on their relationship.

    PGR Leonard confronts the woman he kissed on the North Sea in an attempt to set Penny's mind at ease. Sheldon films a special 'Fun with Flags'.

    PGR The girls get together to throw Penny a bachelorette party, while the boys head to Mexico for Leonard's stag do.

    G When Leonard announces he's moving in with Penny, an emotional Sheldon decides to relive 2003 - a time where he had no emotions attached to anyone.

    G The boys decide to take up fencing - with Kripke as their instructor. Meanwhile, the girls try to help Stuart figure out how to lure more women to his comic bookstore.

    PGR In the midst of a nationwide helium shortage, Leonard and Sheldon are forced to make a black market purchase from a dealer in order to complete an experiment.

    PGR Wil Wheaton interviews Sheldon for a Star Trek documentary where he reveals his plan to propose to Amy. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard discuss starting a family.

    PGR Amy has a formal date which Leonard, Penny and Bernadette secretly spy on. Sheldon has Howard and Raj help him find a new girlfriend since they found Amy for him.

    PGR On Thanksgiving Sheldon and Amy go on a lunch date to the aquarium as friends, while Howard, Bernadette, Raj and Emily help out at a soup kitchen.

    G Howard and Raj start to advertise their band, Footprints on the Moon. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy rekindle their relationship.

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