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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory – Season 6, Episode 24

G Sheldon and Penny are thrown for a loop when Leonard is offered an exciting new job opportunity overseas.


The Big Bang Theory Episodes

    G Howard discovers that he can't escape his mother - even in space! Caught in an argument between Bernadette and his mom, Howard deals with woman trouble from the space station.

    G When Sheldon learns that Penny is thinking about breaking up with Leonard, he tries to intervene.

    G While the pressure of being in space starts to take its toll on Howard, Amy feels threatened when Sheldon hires a young female assistant.

    PGR When Howard returns from space, he doesn't get the hero's welcome he expected. Meanwhile, Game Night turns into a battle of the sexes.

    PGR The gang celebrates Halloween at Stuart's comic book store. Meanwhile Leonard and Penny discover a new spark in their relationship when he seduces her with science.

    G Sheldon's tenuous relationship with renowned scientist Stephen Hawking is threatened by a game of 'Words with Friends,' while Penny secretly enrols in a class at the local college.

    G Pressured by Bernadette, Howard comes to terms with moving out of his mother's house. Meanwhile, Sheldon is caught in the middle of a feud between his 'girlfriend' Amy and good friend.

    PGR Howard and Raj try to get to the bottom of why Sheldon disappears every afternoon at 2:45. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny wrestle with jealousy in their relationship.

    PGR When the University reassigns Sheldon's (unused) parking spot to Howard, the ensuing turf battle affects the whole gang.

    PGR When Amy comes down with the flu, Sheldon reluctantly takes care of her, as it is mentioned in their Relationship Agreement that either partner has to take care of the other when he/she is sick

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