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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory – Season 2, Episode 21

PGR Leonard and Koothrappali take a heartbroken Wolowitz to Las Vegas, leaving Sheldon locked out of his apartment and forced to bunk with Penny.


The Big Bang Theory Episodes

    PGR After her first date with Leonard goes awry, Penny finds an unwilling confidante in Leonard's anti-social roommate, Sheldon.

    PGR When Leonard sees Penny with a handsome new guy, he enters into a rebound relationship with Sheldon's nemesis, Leslie Winkle.

    PGR Sheldon creates a monster when he introduces Penny to the world of online gaming, and her addiction wreaks havoc on his life.

    PGR Newly famous because of an article in a magazine, Raj gets an inflated ego and makes a disastrous play for Leonard's long-time crush, Penny.

    G Leonard and his friends stage an intervention to make Sheldon confront his long-standing fear of driving.

    G A young grad student's attraction to Sheldon confuses everyone, including Sheldon.

    G Sheldon and Penny engage in a battle of wills as Penny vows to get revenge on Sheldon when he bans her from the apartment for a series of petty infractions.

    G Wolowitz thinks he's found the love of his life, until his new lady meets Leonard.

    G Sheldon can barely contain his joy when Leonard starts dating a woman who meets Sheldon's exacting standards. Guest starring Sara Rue.

    PGR Leonard is the last one to realise that Stephanie has moved in with him - when he finds out, he becomes worried that they are moving too fast.

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